Course User Manual

Thank you for your purchase, below you will find a guide to help you get set up and enroll the users that will need to be able to complete the courses.  Upon completion of the order, you will receive an email containing your unique password to be able to log into the system, if the email isn’t in your main inbox then please make sure you check your spam.

There are two sections that you will have access to upon completion of the order, My Account and Group Dashboard. You will be redirected on login to the Group Dashboard, this is where you can control who has access to the courses, add new users, and view reports on the enrolled users. My Account allows you to see the courses you are enrolled in, access the courses, and see your progress.

Group Dashboard

My Account

Group Dashboard – What Can I Do?

  • User Registrations Left – this shows you how many licenses you have left
  • Associated Courses – this shows you which courses you have access to
  • Enrolled Users – this shows you the currently enrolled users
  • Enroll New User – this allows you to add users onto the courses
  • Report – this allows you to see the progress of the enrolled users

Group Dashboard – How do I add new users?

  • When on the Group Dashboard click the Enroll New User tab, this will load the user section
  • You will see a row where you can add the First Name, Last Name and Email Address for the first user
  • The + at the end of the row allows you to add a new row to add more than one user
  • When you are happy with the user’s you’ve added click the submit button
  • This will then send them an email to access the course
  • You also have the option to bulk add users onto the course via a spreadsheet. It would just need the same information as list when adding the users manually, first name, last name and email address
  • Please note that on occasion when you click the + it will copy the information from the row you have just entered. You can clear the fields and replace the information with the new user.

Group Dashboard – Enrolled Users

  • User Registrations Left – this allows you to see how many more users can be enrolled to the course
  • Once you have had added the user you have the list as shown above
  • You have the option to remove them from the course and add a new user instead
  • There is also the option to re-invite the user to the course

Group Dashboard – Reports

  • Report tab – this allows you to see the progress for each user enrolled in the courses
  • When you click the Report Tab you will need to select a course to view the data for, the drop-down shows the courses you have users enrolled on
  • Once you’ve selected the course click the Show Report button and it will load the data for the progress for each user

Group Dashboard – I’ve bought the course for someone else what do I do?

  • If you have only bought one course and it is for someone else to then don’t worry there is a simple way to get them access
  • You can use the Enroll New user section of the Group Dashboard as explained above and add them onto the course, this will allow you to ensure they have access and that the certificate they get at the end is in the correct name

I’ve forgotten my password – how do I reset it?

  • You can reset your password by going to the Login section via the menu
  • Click the Lost Your Password? link below the login button
  • Put in your email address on the next screen and you will get an email with the steps to reset your password
  • If one of your enrolled users has forgotten their passwords they can repeat this process or you can reinvite them via the Enrolled User section of the Group Dashboard

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