Managing Challenging Phone Calls Course

This course will build your skills and confidence to control and manage challenging telephone calls to achieve better outcomes. The insights and strategies learnt will enable you to turn potential confrontations into more effective conversations.

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Accreditation and Certification

After successfully completing the course assessment you will receive a quality assured certificate. The certificate can be downloaded immediately when the assessment has been successfully completed. The course is accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management and by the UK Continuous Professional Development Standards Office.

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Course Content


You will learn how to:

Stay in control no matter how challenging a call becomes
Use strategies to control and de-escalate challenging calls
Manage your own reactions and responses to a client’s anger
Deal with any criticism and personal comments from client
Close unproductive calls effectively
Manage any challenging and abusive behaviour
Employ strategies to manage the impact of challenging phone calls

Managing Challenging Phone Calls Course

For individuals and teams who deal with challenging or angry telephone calls.



1.5 to 2




The challenges of communicating by phone    Understanding:

  • the essentials of effective phone conversation
  • how to manage your tone of voice and spread of speech during challenging calls
  • principles of effective conflict management over the phone
Understanding conflict and anger    Understanding:

  • the key client behaviours that cause conflict
  • a definition of conflict and anger
  • what you need and what the client need to resolve conflict


  • your reactions and emotion
  • client criticism, sarcasm or negative personal comments
  • your words, phrases and language
Strategies to control and manage calls effectively   How to:

  • manage the pace of the conversation
  • avoid becoming trapped by angry questions asked by the client
  • structure, control and de-escalate challenging calls
  • encourage the client to think rather than react
  • acknowledge issues and emotions to ensure the client knows you have understood
  • close calls that have become unproductive
  • manage the impact of angry and emotional calls
aggression and
abuse over  the phone

  • a definition of abuse
  • when a call is abusive

How to use:

  • a three-step approach to dealing with abuse
Course summary
  • of key insights to manage your own behaviour and the behaviour of challenging clients
  • of key strategies to de-escalate conflict
  • how to manage the impact of challenging calls

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