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I would like to de-escalate conflict with challenging and angry clients face to face.

Conflict Management & Resolution Course

For individuals and teams who experience conflict with customers or others.



1.5 to 2


I would like to de-escalate challenging telephone calls with angry or upset callers.

Managing Challenging Phone Calls Course

For individuals and teams who deal with challenging or angry telephone calls.



1.5 to 2


I would like to better manage clients who get aggressive and threatening.

Personal Safety Awereness Course

For individuals and teams who work with aggressive or threatening customers.



1.5 to 2


Bulk Orders

For 10% discount on orders of 15 courses or more – use code Conflict10

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Accreditation and Certification

After successfully completing the course assessment you will receive a quality assured certificate. The certificate can be downloaded immediately when the assessment has been successfully completed. The course is accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management and the UK Continuous Professional Development Standards Office.

We have run Nationally Accredited Training Courses for thousands of learners for private and public sector organisations.

The majority give us 10 out of 10 for overall course rating.

of clients rated our courses excellent
said they felt they have learnt sufficient skills to de-escalate conflict in the future
said they felt better equipped to handle their reactions in future conflict situations

Specialist Online Conflict Courses

This Online Conflict Course from The Conflict Training Company is based on our work from over 16 years as a training specialist in supporting individuals and organisations to manage conflict. Supported by custom made videos and audio clips this Online Course is designed to enhance your learning throughout.

The insights and strategies you will learn have supported thousands of employees in many of the major public and private sector organisations throughout the UK and Ireland.

Although the key benefits of the course will assist you to manage client conflict the skills learnt on this Online Course can be applied to any conflict situation you are likely to face.

Online Learning Accreditation

You can learn at your own pace and can access the Online Course 24 hours a day. Passing our Online Course assessment means instant access to your accredited certificate. A fast track route to qualification.

If you are buying for your teams, we provide monthly reports on how everyone is progressing so you can track your spend and qualification rates.

Each Online Course is accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management, who set the standards for the management of conflict and safety in the workplace. It is also accredited by the CPD UK Standards Office, who promote excellence in Continued Professional Development.

The Conflict Training Company

We successfully provide Conflict Management and Personal Safety solutions to hundreds of private and public sector organisations. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will do all we can to meet your training needs.

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