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Managing Aggression and Unpredictable Behaviour

Managing Aggressive and Unpredictable Behaviour

When you encounter aggressive or unpredictable behaviour, you may have a sense of not being in control. For example:

  • a stranger shouting at you after parking your car
  • dealing with someone who is intoxicated
  • working with someone you suspect has a severe mental illness

Our ability to be sensitive to the dangers in any given situation can be eroded by the presence of our own problems, preoccupations, work pressures, concern for the client, fear, and anger. These human factors can blind us to the danger signals given out by clients. We must be aware of our human factors which can hijack our attention and blindfold us to the obvious risks.

We can make certain assumptions about our ability to prevent a difficult situation from turning into a dangerous event. Our thoughts and beliefs, which are key human factors, might lead us to be more confident about our safety than the situation merits.

Consider the next video where the staff member was facing considerable danger. However, she does not appear to be concerned. What thoughts or beliefs might she have that would be ‘telling’ her, this is a safe situation?