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How We Can Sometimes Compromise Our Safety

We do not know her exact thoughts and beliefs about the situation.

However, she does not appear to be concerned. Her thoughts and beliefs ‘telling’ her she is safe might be:

‘I’ve handled this situation many times’
‘Don’t have a go at me, it’s not my problem’
‘Taking risks is just part of the job’
‘It won’t happen to me’
‘People get angry, but they wouldn’t hit me’
‘I’ve always got my phone so I can call for help’
‘I’m expected to say that to visitors’

As you are managing a situation stay aware of the human factors that might potentially lead you to compromise your safety. For example, take a moment to notice if your work pressures are on your mind or you are making assumptions about a situation that might blunt your perception of risk.

Reflect for a moment about any thoughts or beliefs about situations or clients you work with, that might lead you to take more risks than you should.