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Understanding Conflict

In this course we take a close look at the behaviours that are common in client/staff conflict. Those behaviours are universal to all.

Raising your awareness of those behaviours will help you to control:

  • Your own reactions
  • The reactions of the client
  • The overall anger in the conversation, making it easier to resolve

When a situation moves from a conversation or discussion to a conflict, the goals of the participants tend to change.

Please reflect for a moment on this question.

What is one person trying to do to another when they are engaged in this behaviour?

  • A parent shouting at a teenager to clean their room.
  • A car driver in a car park shouting at another car driver to move their car.
  • A claimant getting angry because they have been turned down by the council.

Tip: The goal is obviously to move the other person to do something but in one word, how would you describe the behaviour they are using to achieve that?