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Conflict is about…

To describe the behaviour in the examples provided on the previous page you might have used words such as intimidate, threaten, pressurise, force, etc.

We summarise these behaviours into one simple definition.

Conflict occurs when one person tries to FORCE another to accept a point of view or take a course of action.

There are many ways to apply force. You might be familiar with clients trying to force you to do something by raising their voice, making threats (such as threatening to go to the newspapers), using animated body language, or trying to undermine you in other ways.

Many conversations can be challenging for a range of reasons but they only tend to involve conflict when one side applies force to get the outcome they want.

The strategies we will outline are all aimed at taking the heat and intensity out of challenging conversations and reducing the level of force used. In other words, how to turn potential confrontations into straight forward conversations.

It isn’t just the client who can become forceful!!

You do not need to do much to come across as forceful to the client. For example, raise your voice slightly, get irritated, talk over them, interrupt, correct them when they are angry, lean forward to emphasise your point, etc.

On the course we will look at how this can happen, without you even realising it, and how you can choose different strategies to calm yourself, manage the situation more effectively; no matter how the client behaves.